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Boat Repairs Echuca | Motorcycle Service and Repairs Echuca


«If it has a motor - we can fix and tune it!»

We offer service and repairs to motorcycles and boats in Echuca

We have a very well equipped machine shop with digital readout machines and can recondition and build engines to customer specifications.

Our workshop is equipped with a motorcycle chassis and outboard motor dyno.

Callaway Performance can prepare track bikes for social track days or club racing.

We also offer specialist welding with MIG, TIG, Plasma, Arc & Oxy welding on site.

Callaway Performance specialise in insurance work and marine checks for all the major insurance companies and repair propellors and drive shafts on site.
Our workshop is on the banks of the Murray river so we can water test and tune boats in the river so they are load tested under actual operating conditions. We also have a range of spare parts.

If it has a motor runs on two wheels or on the water and you break it...

we can fix it and make it better!


Always connected and happy to help with any of your questions.

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